5. SiCAD library of the subscriber lines for low voltage electrical networks 0.4 kV

For quick design of subscriber lines in low voltage electrical networks (0.4 kV) it is convenient to use the tab “Service sets”. The subscriber service set consists the typical node for branching and fixation the wire on the pole side, a typical node on the wall side – building, and the wire. For the selected type of subscriber “service sets”, in the Properties tab, you can see which of the typical nodes will be inserted. The subscriber service set is inserted in two clicks – by clicking the left mouse button sequentially on the pole from which the line is made and the second click at the point of inlets into building. After inserting the subscriber service set into the network plan, all network elements (typical nodes, subscriber line route) can be edited separately. When working with the “service sets” tab, you can select the electrical parameters of the line (Consumption and type of electric consumer), which will be recorded in the properties of the typical node of line to the subscriber. This information will be used for the electrical calculation of the network.

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