1. The principle of power lines design in SiCAD and design results

1. The principle of power lines design in SiCAD and design results

In this series of tutorials we will consider the possibilities of a free online service SiCAD for the design of electricity distribution networks with a voltage of 0.4 – 35 kV. It is designed to simplify the design by automating calculations and use of ready-made standard solutions.

The principle of using the service for the design of electrical distribution networks SiCAD is follows:

  • Find the place where you want to design the electricity network on the online map (the function of downloading your own topographic files is also available).
  • Lay the routes of power lines.
  • Place the electricity pylons on the map using ready-made standard library solutions.

After creating a power grid project, you can get the following results:

  • File of the electricity network project with a specialized geojson format, which can be easily opened in various geographic information systems of the regional energy production companies (GIS).
  • Specifications (consolidated, procurement budget, bill of materiels by pole, list of conductors, etc.) for power line equipment that can be exported in tabular format *.xls
  • The results of electrical calculations for 0.4 kV networks are also exported to *.xls MS Excel.
  • Archive of drawings of used in the project typical nodes of power line pylons and individual suspension nodes of wire in *.pdf or *.dwg formats.
  • DXF electricity network plan for work in CAD programs (AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZwCAD and others).

Details on obtaining source documents will be discussed in the tutorial “Receipt of source documents”.

SiCAD is always available online from the corporate site sicad.org and has interface in different languages. For design the user has access to product databases and typical solutions of companies in different countries. The internal management structure of product databases and typical solutions makes it easy to create corporate databases and adapt them to the needs of the local market. Corporate databases created by companies can be both public and private (require confirmation of access by the administrator).

SiCAD is easy-to-use, yet multifunctional service that allows you to work with really important designing without being distracted to routine operations.

If you have any suggestions or wishes, please contact support@sicad.org

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