10. Obtaining bills of materials. Materials specifications, drawings of typical nodes, electricity network plan and others.

After finishing the electricity network project in the online service SiCAD, the designer can save and export the required materials specifications, drawings and other results in known formats for use.

First of all, the SiCAD user can save the project in the *.geojson file. Main menu “File / Save”. This format is a common file format that can be inserted into the GIS of the regional energy production companies. The saved file can later be opened in SiCAD from any PC with Internet access. Menu “File / Open”.

Of course, one of the most important functions of the SiCAD online service for the design of electricity networks – obtaining various types of materials specifications. Remember that using the “Polygon” Selection and “Layers” tool, you can flexibly create specifications for the parts of the electricity network project that you need.

It is possible to generate the following types of specifications (SiCAD main menu “Bills of materials”):

“Consolidated specification” according to DSTU B A.2.4-10: 2009.

“Procurement budget calculation” with cost estimated prices for equipment of power lines.

The specification “Bill of materials for services” includes materials from typical nodes marked with a consumer service set as well as routes with the word “set” in the name. The “Bill of materials for main” specification includes materials from the rest of the project.

Bill of materiels by pole. Each column of this specification displays a list of materiels for a given typical node or group (power line poles) – the name of which is automatically formed from the names of typical nodes via plus sign. The “Detailed bill of materiаls by pole” additionally displays the names of the routes which passing through the typical nodes and the number of consumer branches from each typical node.

You can also get a “List of conductors” and “List of poles”

All specification can be exported to *.xls format for further table editing.

To obtain drawings of typical nodes (power line poles or individual wire binding nodes), download the archive of drawings of used typical nodes in PDF or DWG formats. SiCAD main menu “Drawings / Export of node’s drawings”. It is necessary allow the browser to display pop-ups for the SiCAD site.

Export the electricity network plan in DXF format to work with it in AutoCAD and other CAD programs. The main menu of the program – “Drawings / Export of trace drawing (*.DXF)”. If you have problems with opening exported DXF file, use a “DXF to DWG converter”. You will then be able to open this file in most versions of AutoCAD.

Get a plan of the project’s electricity network by clicking “Drawings / Get print screen of the map”. It is possible to get electricity network plan with more detailed scale. To do this, select the desired area with the tool “Polygon”. Circle the area of ​​the map you are interested in, zoom in map for get the resulting image and click “Drawings / Get print screen of the map”. You will have to wait a few minutes to get a picture of electricity network plan.

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