6. “Sources” library for inserting the point of power source of the electricity network in SiCAD

The “Sources” tab is used to insert the 0.4 kV low voltage network power transformer into the electricity network plan. For the power source inserted in the project is possible to set the following properties:

  • Dispatching name of transformer substations.
  • Description
  • Power of the transformer
  • Transformer type
  • The connecting method of the primary and secondary windings
  • Primary nominal voltage
  • Secondary nominal voltage
  • The voltage level on the transformer busbars – this value can be changed. Just from this value voltage losses and deviations will be calculated in the electrical calculation of 0.4 kV networks.
  • For electrical calculations the source must be connected to the route. At working with different layers and laying a 10 kV line, make sure that the route of the 0.4 kV line passes through the power supply first – it will be displayed in the center of the transformer substation (power supply). From the “Properties” tab of source, you can connect routes of different layers.

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