8. Own database of products and typical nodes of user for design in SiCAD

When designing electricity distribution networks, it may be necessary to create your own database of products and typical solutions. In the online service SiCAD it is possible to create My data:

To create a product in your own database, go to the main menu “My data / Create my products” and specify the necessary information about the product:

  • Article
  • Marking
  • Add a product image
  • Select the Category to which the product will fall when forming the specification
  • Specify the Producer
  • Specify the Unit (pcs, m, kg or other)
  • Specify the Price
  • Specify the Weight of the unity of product

The created product is displayed in the “Create my products” window and is available for use on the “Properties” tab of “My nodes” tab, as well as when creating your own typical nodes, which will later be installed to the electricity network plan.

To create the typical node, go in the main menu of program “My data / Create my nodes” and specify the necessary information shown below:

  • Type of the node
  • Description of the typical node
  • Choose the category in which the typical node will be displayed on the “Nodes” tab. Also, the category will affect to the sorting of products in the specification
  • Attach images and drawings in pdf, dwg or stp formats
  • Chose the symbol of the typical node on the electrical network plan
  • Add products from the SiCAD database available to you or from your own database and specify their quantities

Created typical nodes are displayed in the “My nodes” folder on the “Nodes” tab. Select created typical node from the “Nodes” tab list and left-click on the map – a typical node (for example a power line pole) will appear on the electricity network plan. Details about the library of typical nodes are described in the tutorial “Library of SiCAD typical nodes for inserting poles on the power network plan” of this site.

To create a set of consumer electricity branch, you need to go to the main menu of SiCAD program “My data / Create my service set”. Enter the required information:

  • Type
  • Description
  • Select from the library the node that will be inserted into the plan of electricity network on the pole side (at the first click)
  • Select the node to be installed on the wall side of the building (on the second click)
  • Select the type of conductor for consumer branch

The created Service sets are displayed on the tab “My service set” of the list “Service set”. Select the Service set of consumer that you have created from the list and insert it by pressing the first time on the pole of the power line and the second time at the point of entry into the building of the electricity consumer.

At designing a low voltage electricity network, it may be necessary to choose the individual consumption of electricity consumer. To create your own type of house with individual power, you need to select the SiCAD main menu “My database / Create my type of load”. A window will open in which you specify the following information:

  • Type of consumer for further selection from the list of electricity consumers
  • Declared (contracted) full power in kilowatts
  • Power of electric heating (if any). The component of electric heating power will always be taken into account with a diversity factor equal to one.
  • Choose cos ф

The user-created house type is displayed in the drop-down list for the selection of house types and will be taken into account in the electrical calculation of 0.4 kV networks. The possibilities and results of electrical calculations of electricity distribution networks are presented in detail in the tytorial “Electrical calculation of distribution networks” of this site.

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