4. SiCAD Cable / Wire Library for power line design

To build the route of a power line for electricity network, you need select the required type of wire in the list on the tab “Conductors” (Cable and wire) and then successively left-click on the map you build the route. If you press the numbers on the keyboard and press the Enter while tracing, you will create spans with the length that you entered in meters from the keyboard in the direction of the mouse cursor. To complete or continue the construction of the route, you must click the right mouse button. After a few clicks of the right mouse button, it is possible to continue the route from the opposite side.

For the active route of the power line on the tab “Properties” information is displayed:

  • The name of the power line (Line ID).
  • Line color.
  • Type of the line.
  • Line weight.
  • Conductor type (wires and cables of low 0.4 kV and medium voltage 10 – 35 kV are available).
  • Geometric length
  • Elongation factor, taking into account the sag of the wire
  • Additional length of conductor at last poles (reserve for connection to the transformer substation, connection to other electric overhead or cable lines)
  • Total length of conductor

Routes can be laid on the free area of ​​the map or on the typical nodes.

Routes are created in the active layer of the “layers” panel, which will be
considered in the “SiCAD Toolbar” section of this site. It is important to understand that the common node of two lines in one layer is an electrical connection. It is possible to electrically connect two lines from different layers when laying them through a common typical node. For creating electrical connections between routes, see the section “Electrical calculation of distribution networks in SiCAD”

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