3. Library of SiCAD typical nodes for inserting poles on the electricity network plan

The “Nodes” tab of the SiCAD program contains Ready-made solutions for typical design (nodes) for use in the project. A typical node has a specification (list of materials) that corresponds to a typical solution in the form of a technical drawing (from typical project or catalog for design). Typical nodes are divided into folders with abbreviated names of typical projects. The marking of typical nodes corresponds to the paper versions of their drawings. For better orientation, you can see the image of a typical node and read its drawing from the typical project. If you know the marking of typical node, you can use the search at list of typical nodes in the top field. Founded and selected in such ways typical nodes of power line poles are stored in a separate list for quick work with them.

For inserting the typical node into the project, select it in the list and left-click on the map. Typical nodes can be inserted separately on the map or linked to the power line – if you click on the line / or in a group to other typical nodes – if you click on the existing typical node in the project. Equipment from a group of typical nodes will be displayed in the poles specifications in one column. Typical nodes are inserted into the project in the active layer which is selected in the list of layers. Thus, the designer can divide the project into layers according to the purpose of typical nodes and lines, voltage class, and other properties (for example, layers “construction” and “reconstruction”).

For the selected typical node, inserted into the project, its information is displayed on the “Properties” tab:

  1. Marking according to a typical project
  2. Description (purpose of pole of the power line or node and their characteristics)
  3. Images and drawings according to the typical project
  4. Symbol designation on the plan of the electricity network
  5. The layer in which there is the typical node with the possibility to change it
  6. Geographic coordinates with the possibility of change
  7. Specification of the node according to the typical project (catalog for design). The specification can be edited – add or delete products, change their number. But if you need to significantly change the specification of the typical node, it is better to create your own typical node via the main menu item “My database” which will be discussed in the following tutorial on this site.

Working in different layers, the designer can lay several lines in the common suspension via one typical node (Lines electrically disconnect). And electrically connect lines of different layers in the typical node.

Some typical nodes or groups of nodes can be copied and pasted into the project using the right-click menu in the “cursor” tool or using the hotkeys Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V. Before pasting, you need to left-click on the point, where you want to insert a typical node or group.

On the “Properties” tab of the typical node there is a block of electrical parameters of the consumer of electricity. If the specification of the typical node has electrical transformers, the typical node can act as a power source. Features of electrical calculation of distribution networks are described in detail in the tutorial “Electrical calculation of distribution networks” on this site.

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